7 Greenest Celebrities !

From Brad Pitt to Leonardo Dicaprio to Sheryl Crow even Hayden Panettiere. Many of Hollywood’s heavy weights are using their fame to spread the good green word. Check the list and use the comment section below to claim which celebs float your green boat. Brad Pitt This corn-fed, Oklahoma-born, man-boy from Missouri is more than rugged good looks and a hard body (PEOPLE named him Sexiest Man Alive . . . twice) Thanks to the stalkerazzi, we’re privy to this benevolent gentleman’s every good deed. Following a laundry list, Pitt lead a massive green building project in Katrina-devastated New Orleans. Pitting (ahem, excuse me) a team of world-renowned green architects for projects, Brad is determined to start an unprecedented green building trend. 

Adrian Grenier Unlike the character he plays on TV, Entourage star Adrian Grenier cares about the environment – no he doesn’t drive a bright yellow Hummer in “real life!” Grenier prefers driving a Prius, living in a fully “green” house (solar roof, reclaimed floors, recycled blue-jean insulation, blah, blah, blah), and offsetting. In 2007, Grenier drew massive attention to Charity Water, a non-profit initiative that sets up drinking water and sanitation infrastructures in the world’s most impoverished communities. Word in the ‘Hood says Grenier is “fully committed to educating any lady who dares walk into his green life.” According to environmental gossip site Ecorazzi.com, Grenier said, “if a woman isn’t environmentally conscious, she will be after going out with me.” Too bad, I’m already environmentally conscious . . . Anna :))) more on Green Celbrities on http://www.oneheartchannel.com/index.php?page=detail-one-heart-news&nid=402&p=1

brad pitt one of the greenest celebrity


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