famous designers design bikes for the planet: “be cycle & fashion” 

In the heart of the action
Agatha Ruiz de La Prada became the “godmother” of the project “Be Cycle & Fashion” for The Association Act Responsible. 

Act Responsible goal is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development and social responsibility. (

One Heart Channel together with Idenium Pr Agency organized for Act Responsible the action “Be Cycle & Fashion”, where 12 famous designers share their commitment to Responsibility by creating Unique & Fashionable Bikes. Fashionable bikes for the planet, designers shows us that we can use our creativity – to play a significant role in addressing today’s crucial world issues. Soon we will communicate the list of remaining 11 designers.

AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA honored ACT RESPONSIBLE as a “godmother” of the project. Agatha is a Spanish fashion designer who is one of her country’s and internationally best-known personalities in the clothing industry.The popularity of her original bright-colored designs is assured by her skillful use of the motifs of moons, stars, suns or hearts, which also transferred to her designs for furniture, carpets, crockery, lamps, pens, pencils, lip balms, scents, sleeves, towels or bed linen as well as clothes for men, women and children. She is also known for having joined and supported Spain’s Green party, the Confederation of the Greens and among the many she supported last year the french association “Les Blouses Roses”…..

Keep up-dated with the Project on One Heart CHannel! 


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