2010 Fashion Against AIDS Campaign

Fashion Against AIDS Festival Collection Launches May 20th! 

H&M’s Divided department has designed a complete collection for young women and men for the pop festival season, including tents, folding chairs and washbags containing everything you need- including of course some condoms!

The extremely cool collection hits the stores in 32 countries worldwide -including Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Russia, Japan and China- on May 20th and 25% of the full sales price will be donated to four organizations fighting HIV/AIDS among young people: UNFPA (the Population Fund of the United Nations), MTV Staying Alive, YouthAIDS -and of course Designers against AIDS, who presented the idea for FAA to H&M way back in autumn 2006. With the donation money, many new projects have been and will be financed all over the world, including our new International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center IHAEC, that opens this June in Antwerp, Belgium. Say what you want about fashion, but it surely has been good to us!

On the opening picture you see Katy Perry (one of the stars of our second FAA campaign), wearing a denim bodycon dress from our upcoming FAA3 collection- if you’re fast, you can get your hands on a dress just like that on May 20th in a H&M near you!


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