Eva Minge‘s Spring/Summer 2011 theme for her debut at New York Fashion Week on 15th of September 2010 was “freedom and solidarity is fashion”, part of the Polish Governamental campaign “Solidarity Changes The World”. On the catwalk, one could admire solidarity elements as jeans, pants, t-shirts with messages like “solidarity here comes fashion”.


The New York Show was  a great success with more then 400 guests for the premiere show and journalists from all over the world…

Solidarity is a polish phenomenon, the biggest movement in the world history with 10mln members. It gave freedom to Poland and all Eastern Europe.  The communism collapsed because of the Solidarity Movement leaded by Lech Walesa, peace noble price winner.

The show of Eva Minge was opened by Lech Walesa speech given in the Us Congress in 1989; that starts by the first sentence of US constitution “WE THE PEOPLE ….”

The idea of solidarity is still actual . Eva Minge believes that world needs solidarity.

Eva Minge

What are the messages of Solidarity Campaign?

“Solidarity  is Humanity”

“Solidarity means Me and You “

“Solidarity  – Human Thing

Solidarity is Human Nature

Solidarity is the freedom of creation

How Solidarity communicates to the young audience ?

Solidarity is communicated as a still modern IDEA…..using internet, interactive videos, campaigns dedicated to young audience… says Krzysztof Dudek, Chairman of Polish National Culture Center

Solidarity Animation Campaign:

Solidarity CNN campaign

Solidarity on Facebook

Eva Minge Solidarity collection will be introduced once more in Warsaw in November ! More on the best polish designer on


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