On Aura Tout Vu, a french brand, member of the “French Syndicate of the Haute Couture” joined the event BE CYCLE & FASHION and created the SWAROVSKI BIKE!

Somwhere between the angel and the black devil, extremly chic, modern and divine…this is how one might describe the Swarovski Bike By On Aura Tout Vu!

Black Swarovski Elements cover the bike offered by Peugeot. Hand Made Piece of Art becomes an animal, a bird or an angel with its white and black feathers.

In front of the bike a small tablet shows the brand logo – so couture and frenchy…!

The bike will soon be avaliable for on line sales on http://www.oneheartchannel.com/becycle/encheres

ON AURA TOUT VU – brand history

once upon a time…the “asp” company was founded in 1995.  the brand evolved in 1998 to become “on aura tout vu”, a french expression meaning “you think you’ve seen it all”.
on aura tout vu  made its name at first by creating and producing exclusive fashion accessories, embroideries, buttons and garments for various haute couture brands  before starting its own brand collections of ready-to-wear, accessories and couture clothes, home design, fragrances end make-up…

a few important dates:

  • 2009
    • co-branding caron paris
    • co-branding design, collection accessoires moulin rouge paris, by on aura tout vu paris
    • collection exclusive design accessoire, pour la maison “aux laines ecossaises”
    • presenting collections in chyprus fashion week by harper’s bazaar
  • 2008
    • co-branding caron paris
    • co-branding manufacture national de sevres
    • co-branding bacardi martini europe ( grey goose vodaka)
    • co-branding disney – minnie
    • co-branding nabaztag by violet
  • 2007-collaboration –motorola.
  • 2006-collaboration –chopard, geneva.
  • 2005
    • collaboration ups model
    • presenting retrospective collections in saint petersbourg, russia and at  kazakhstan fashion week
  • 2004- collaboration with swatch.
  • 2002- on aura tout vu debuted its own haute couture collection and  each year since is a invited member of the fédération française de la couture.
  • 2003
    • debuted its first ready to wear collection and continues to present each year.
    • designed and realised the concept car “smart- lalique – on aura tout vu” in metal, crystal  and lace – this car was offered to an auction devoting the sales proceeds to a non-profit organisation. this unique car is today owned in monaco.
  • 1998 – debuted its first accessories collection and continues to present each year.
  • 1998-2001 – opening of the concept  store «espace on aura tout vu » – presenting and co-creating art work by on aura tout vu and international contemporary artists.
  • 1995 -1999 – creating and producing accessories for various haute couture brands such as christian dior, christian lacroix,  givenchy,…. and ready to wear brands like: yves saint laurent, guy laroche, paco rabanne, nina ricci, rochas, john galliano, groupe garella, sym georges rech…)

over the years, on aura tout vu’s skill and experience resulted in a strengthened  presence in the fashion sector and enabled it to become less production-oriented for other haute couture and ready-to-wear brands and more creation and market driven for its own brands.
in light of its growing international prestige, on aura tout vu management came up with a plan that was based on expanding its product range, repositioning its offer and selectively developing a retail distribution network.

Check every day TRENDS on http://www.oneheartchannel.com for more brands contributing to charity !



  1. It’s very exiting to find this oneheartchannel.wordpress.com site.
    What a classy blog! I admire how determined each of the entries are. They are well balanced – funny and informational – and the pictures are cool too.

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